Gridlines in Excel: How to Show, Remove, Change, and Print Gridlines

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This tutorial shows you how to use Excel gridlines. You’ll see how to show and remove Gridlines in Excel in a number of ways. And at the end of this tutorial, we’ll look at some easy ways to change gridlines and print them.

Excel gridlines are just the gray lines that go across and down a sheet to divide it into cells. Gridlines are essential for understanding Excel data. It helps to make the cells on the worksheet stand out and give the information in a structured way. Also, the gridlines in Excel make it easy to move between the rows and columns of a worksheet.

If there are no gridlines in an Excel file, it will be hard to figure out what it is all about. When you Remove Excel Gridlines, they go away for the whole worksheet, but when you Show Excel Gridlines, they come back. You can’t change the gridlines in a certain part of the worksheet because of this. When you print an Excel file, the gridlines do not come out. But later in this article, we’ll show you how to print Excel with gridlines.

So let’s start!

Remove Gridlines in Excel Using Page Layout

Excel’s « Remove Gridlines » setting makes it easy to hide Gridlines. This setting is unique to each worksheet. You can access this feature through the « Page Layout » tab. This is how:

  1. Open your Excel file as a first step.
  2. Next, use the ribbon to go to the « Page Layout » tab.
  3. Next, look for the group called « Sheet Options« . Then, check the « View » box just below where it says « Gridlines. » See the picture below:
Remove gridlines in excel- Enlever quadrillage Excel à partir de l'onglet mise en page

So, Excel removes the gridlines from the active worksheet, but they are still visible in other worksheets in the workbook.

Enlever quadrillage Excel pour une feuille de calcul - Remove gridlines in Excel

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Hide Excel Gridlines by Changing The Fill Color

You can also hide the gridlines in Excel by making the cell fill white.

With this method, you can choose to hide the gridlines from the whole worksheet or just from a certain part of it.
Do this by following these steps:

  1. Select the cells first. To remove gridlines from a certain part of the sheet in Excel, choose a range. You can also use the shortcut « Ctrl+A » to select the whole spreadsheet.
Enlever quadrillage Excel en modifiant la couleur de remplissage - remove gridlines in excel
  1. Next, go to the « Font » section of the « Home » tab and open the « Fill color » gallery.
Modifier la couleur de remplissage - remove gridlines in excel
  1. Then choose « White » from the list of colors. So, when you add a background, the gridlines will become white and see-through.
Afin d'enlever quadrillage Excel choisissez la couleur «Blanc» dans la liste

As a result, Excel removes gridlines from the cells you chose in step 1.

Enlever quadrillage Excel pour une feuille de calcul - Remove gridlines in Excel

If you want to, you can show the gridlines of your cells at any time. To do this, go through the same steps again, but this time choose « No Fill« .

Remove Gridlines From Multiple Worksheets

Using the above methods, you can remove Excel gridlines from the active worksheet. If you want to hide the gridlines on more than one sheet, you have to do the same thing for each sheet. There is a way around it, thank goodness.

  1. Select the tabs of all the worksheets where you want to hide the gridlines before you delete them. To get this done, follow the steps below:
  2. Press and hold the « Ctrl » button on your keyboard to get started.
  3. Start by clicking on the tabs of each worksheet whose gridlines you want to hide. This will make the worksheets work as a group.
Enlever quadrillage Excel pour plusieurs feuille de calcul à la fois
  1. You can now remove the gridlines by unchecking the « View » option under the « Page Layout » tab.
Masquer le quadrillage Excel
  1. As you can see, group mode is always on in the spreadsheets. You can now separate them by right-clicking on the tab and choosing « Ungrouping » from the menu that appears. If you don’t ungroup the sheets, any changes you make to the active sheet will be made to all the sheets in the group.

How to Change Gridline Color

The default color for Excel gridlines is light gray. Excel, on the other hand, lets you change the default color and use any color you want. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. First, click the « File » button, which is in the upper left corner of the Excel window.
  2. Choose « Options » from the list on the left.
Options Excel
  1. So, the « Excel Options » box pops up. Go to the tab called « Advanced. »
Enlever le quadrillage en modifiant la couleur des lignes
  1. Next, find the « Display options for this worksheet » section and pick a color from the « Gridline Color » gallery.
Choisissez la couleur du quadrillage Excel
  1. Click « OK » to close the dialog box and put the changes into effect.

Note: If you want to change the color of the gridlines in Excel for all worksheets, you must group them first. Go back to the « Remove gridlines from multiple worksheets » section to see how to do it.

Show Gridlines in a Specific Area in the Worksheet

You can make the gridline show up all over the worksheet or hide it completely in Excel. You can use a trick, though, to create the look of gridlines in a certain part of the worksheet.

Show gridlines in Excel range
  1. Use the keyboard shortcut « Ctrl + A » to select the whole worksheet.
  2. On the « Home » tab, in the « Font » group, click « Fill color« 
  3. Choose white from the list of colors that comes up.
Show gridlines in specifique range
  1. This will hide the gridlines on the spreadsheet.
  2. Now, choose the range of cells where the gridlines should show up.
  3. Then, choose « No Fill » from the « Fill color » menu.

How To Print Excel Gridlines

When you print an Excel worksheet, the gridlines don’t come out by default. Make the following change to be able to print the gridlines:

  1. Start by clicking on the « Page Layout » tab.
  2. Next, check the box next to the word « Gridlines » in the « Sheet Options » group that says « Print ».
Imprimer le quadrillage Excel - Print Gridlines in Excel

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